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Jun 9, 2022
Aug 4, 2008
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El Taco

Staff Member Forum Admin

test.partyserver.ca:7777 RUNNING LIVE!!! Mar 13, 2022

agent_TACO was last seen:
Jun 9, 2022
    1. agent_TACO
      test.partyserver.ca:7777 RUNNING LIVE!!!
      1. Barcelona.FC likes this.
    2. agent_TACO
      Happy New Year everyone. Please see my post about reviving the server
      1. [NTL]Nightta likes this.
    3. agent_TACO
      samp.partyserver.net:7777 STILL ROCKIN
    4. agent_TACO
      #Permaban_for_StarSteam is more likely to happen
      1. StarSteam
        StarSteam not Scream
        Jul 2, 2015
      2. StarSteam
        ya perm ban for starscream not starsteam
        Jul 3, 2015
    5. Mike_Keaton
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    "I'm dead serious, man. You will not learn another language properly unless you stop thinking in your own language." - Alejoint<br /><br />"08:30 Face9000 kick out this idiots<br />08:30 agent_TACO ^^<br />08:30 Face9000 they just come here to do the big boss<br />08:30 ZezimaIG then i must kick you too face<br />08:31 Face9000 jernel or wtf his name is,he just joined to tell i need to get a brain<br />08:31 agent_TACO LMFAO<br />08:31 Face9000 much mature from u<br />08:31 Face9000 and all this asslickers<br />08:31 Face9000 i hate them<br />08:31 Face9000 im afk<br />08:31 ZezimaIG Face I agree with jernel or with his name is<br />08:31 ZezimaIG you should get a brain<br />08:31 ZezimaIG or atleast act normal"<br /><br />[004] +++ Jacas has joined the game.<br />[004] Jacas: I LOVE THIS SERVER SOOO MUCH NICE SCRIPTING<br />agent_TACO !pm 4 glad to hear it, use /register to save your stats, reserve your name and money<br />Admin _Data_ (ID:505) has banned Jacas (ID:4) for How about you ram that car up your ass instead?