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Important Performance / stability update

Discussion in 'SAMP Server Updates' started by RedShirt, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. RedShirt

    RedShirt Administrator
    Staff Member Forum Admin

    Sep 22, 2009
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    Today earlier we have issued a script update for a few minor problems:

    - Spectating panel should no longer use excessive sync data and disconnect spectators, with that there might have been other glitches introduced related to spectating, please report anything special.
    - Less unneccesary data is sent immediatly when connecting - people should have more stable networking protocol on joining the server (less chance to experience "illegal nickname" / "you are banned" sa-mp bugs ).
    - Team variation skin bug debugging and potential fix, let me know if it works, if not then PM me for instructions on how you can help with this.
    - Admins now have a reports counter on screen to more easily see when reports are getting handled and where their action is needed.
    - Removed bull on the tram - it was out of place, looked dumb and caused various glitches and sync issues, sorry for that.
    - Some changes in turfs around chickens (making their turf size more comfortable, it was rather small before that)

    Special thanks goes to Rockford for providing the much needed testing of this update!
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