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Dec 31, 2014
  • By software definition, a "bug" is "an error, flaw, failure, or fault in a computer program or system that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result, or to behave in unintended ways." In SA:MP, and even GTA SA alone, there are hundreds of bugs.

    GTA:SA Bugs(top)

    These bugs are unfixable without modifying your game. They CANNOT be fixed by any type of official SA:MP update.


    If a player enters a car from the passenger seat and holds down the accelerate key / button while entering the car, the driver is instantly killed. This works in SA:MP but because of desync it sometimes throws the driver on top of the car with the 'Carjacked!' message. The reason for this is because on the driver's game, the person entering the car did not do the animation of entering the car, thus the bug does not trigger.

    Quick Reload(top)

    While shooting a weapon, you can toggle to and from that weapon in your inventory to reload the gun without having to do the reload animation. This occurs in all GTA games as of GTA:LCS. This bug is most notable by being responsible for 2shot.

    Map holes(top)

    These are mapping errors where a player can walk or fall through certain points in the map. There are dozens of spots in the map that have this effect. Some areas that are 'hollow' drop you to the underworld and eventually teleport you back to the main world, others allow you to enter different areas.

    The Swim Bug(top)

    Players with low FPS will swim faster.

    The Satchel and fire "bug"(top)

    When there is fire or satchels are placed, the player can enter and then immediately exit an interior and they will be gone. This is caused by the fact that interiors are actually miles in the sky and the game does not render the fire / satchels from that far away.

    The Chuck Norris Car Entrance Bug(top)

    While you are entering a car, you cannot be damaged by any direct attack. When you exit a vehicle you are also invincible, but your car will continue to take damage. If the car's health hits 0 while you are exiting it, you will immediately die.

    The Excited Bunny Bug(top)

    While on a BMX, you can do bunny hops that send you much higher than normal by hitting the fire key / button while you are about to execute the bunny hop.

    The "Sleeping with the fishes" Bug(top)

    If you exit a car, and you would have fallen into water by doing so (the car itself must be on the ground?), you will fall to the seabed and be able to walk around in it.

    The Jetpack Weapon Bug(top)

    If you pick up a jetpack a fraction of a second after you pick up a Colt 45 or Sawnoff Shotgun, you may mount the jetpack with those guns selected. This allows you to use sawnoffs while flying around on a jetpack. In practice, however, Tec9s or Micro Uzis are more effective.

    Quick Nos Recharge(top)

    You can refill your car's nitro by exiting and immediately entering a car. This does not happen if you are on top of a SA:MP object.

    SA:MP Bugs(top)

    These bugs occur in SA:MP and can be fixed by SA:MP team in future versions of SA:MP.

    The Slowmo Harley Bug(top)

    When you try to carjack someone from a motorbike, you will see your character slap the other player off the bike and then you will be unable to move. The bike driver will not be affected at all. This bug can be fixed by using /spec, waiting until the driver of the bike gets off or by using G to enter a nearby vehicle.

    The Parachute Bug(top)

    When you have a parachute equipped, you can damage unoccupied vehicles by punching them.

    The Sniper Object Bug(top)

    When you are looking through the scope of a sniper rifle, objects attached to your head can get in the way of the sniper scope and block some or all of your view.

    The Stuntplane Repair Bug(top)

    When a stuntplane spawns you do not see the tailwheel but when you use RepairVehicle or respawn it, it shows up.

    The Chipmunk Bug(top)

    At seemingly random times, your game's sound will bug out and chainsaws, active car engines and active helicopters will make high-pitched noises. The only fix is to reconnect.

    The Car Passenger Teleport Bug(top)

    If you try to enter a car as a passenger, and the car is nearby you but does not drive too far away, you will teleport after a few seconds into one of the car's passenger seats (closest to you when you actually hit the key / button to enter it).

    The Train Shake Bug(top)

    Your screen will randomly shake as if a train is near you, even if the train is miles away.

    The Zombie Driver Bug(top)

    When you kill somebody who was driving a car, your game will show the victim lying on top of the vehicle's roof dead, but the driver's game will keep him inside the vehicle with a slumped-over animation. On the driver's game he can still control the vehicle until he respawns. When the driver returns to the place where he died, sometimes the car will be where he drove it while he was dying, other times it will be where he was actually killed.

    The Hydraulic Honk Bug(top)

    When your car has hydraulics and you toggle the hydraulics with the horn key, other players will hear the horn honk, but you will not.

    The Seaplane Bug(top)

    Seaplanes cannot take off unless the player has a low FPS.

    The NRG Passenger bug(top)

    Passengers of a NRG-500 without a driver and who are in the driveby animation cannot be damaged.

    The Moonwalk (Slide) Bug(top)

    This bug allows the player to move at normal running speed while wielding a walking weapon.
    This bug is prohibited in PartyServer

    The Backseat Sleeper Bug(top)

    If you enter a car as a passenger and there is no driver, and you start to shoot a weapon from the car, SA:MP will report you as paused after a few seconds.

    Floor bug(top)

    With this bug, the lower part of a player's body is implanted into the ground while they move.

    The Noob Tower Bug(top)

    The towtruck and tractor hooks do not pick up vehicles.

    The Infamous Sniper Bug(top)

    In SA:MP 0.3z, sometimes your sniper will bug out and you will be unable to damage other players with it. It tends to happen randomly. To other players, the sniper bullet seems to actually hit YOU instead of them. The only (unreliable) fix is to restart SA:MP.

    The Transfender Bug 1(top)

    If you are surfing on top of a player's vehicle and that player enters Transfender, Wheel Arch or Loco Low Co., you will be forced into the same interior world as the driver.

    The Pay N Spray Explosion Bug(top)

    If your car is on fire and you enter a Pay n Spray to heal it while it's on fire, very funky things start to happen. On your game, the car will heal and all will be well. But for other players, your car will have the black color that makes it look like it already exploded, and it will have headlights and all of its wheels. The worst part is sometimes the car will completely disappear on your game and the driver will float in the air and not move. But of course for the other player everything is fine. This can lead to accusations of health hax.

    Server Bugs(top)

    These bugs occur in the actual script of the server you play on, and are only reproducible on that server, at most until the server scriptor fixes them. These bugs are not documented here for security reasons.
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