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Jul 23, 2019
  • This is a standard tool used by construction workers and lumbermen, but with the increase of complete psychopaths in this world it was discovered that it can also be used as an extremely powerful weapon.

    Considered to be the deadliest melee weapon, this very powerful object can kill anybody who gets to close to you in seconds. Just hold down the fire key while moving near them and hit their body to deliver an agonizing cutdown that will bring even fully-armored enemies to their knees. When a player is hit by the chainsaw they are stunned and cannot move, allowing the chainsaw to deal more and more damage.

    The main drawback of this weapon is its weight which stops you from running and the fact that it's only usable up-close and if the foe does not see it coming. It is also not easily available - you will either need to donate to choose it as your secondary spawn weapon or find the hidden chainsaw stash in San Fierro.
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