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Sep 25, 2014
  • From time to time, admins create events on the server to change up the gameplay of players who choose to enter them. When an event starts, you will see a black bar at the bottom of the screen with details on the event, and a chat message will appear mentioning it.

    There are several main event types in Partyserver:

    • Races: By far the most popular type of event. Nothing much to explain here, just be aware that there are lots of rammers.
    • TDMs: Another mostly self-explanatory event. The event is generally done in a small area with predefined weapons, teams and spawn points. At the end of the event an admin usually announces which team won (determined by whichever players lived). Some admins like to make variations of this event by making it a last team / person standing.
    • Hated Vs: This event requires a lot more explanation. In this event, one player is chosen as 'hated' and must survive for a predetermined amount of time. This player spawns relatively far away from the enemy team and has a chance to pick up several types of weapons (that spawn near him). Everyone else who enters the event has the motive of killing this player. To balance the fact that it's essentially 10+ vs 1, the hated player gets many advantages, such as increased weapon damage, tanks, automatic armor / health regeneration and RPGs.
    If a player kills the hated player, they generally become the next hated player. The madness continues until the event is over.
    • Escape the Heliblades / Hydra / Combine: You are thrown into an arena filled with other players and you win by being the last person standing given the threats posed by the vehicle. The area is generally a rooftop.
    • Derbies: These are not made as much as other events. In this event you and all other players are put into a car and released into an enclosed area. The winner is whoever's car is the last car 'standing'.
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