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    Join the game: PartyServer on SA-MP 0.3.7 or add the following IP manually to your client favorites: samp.partyserver.net:7777

FAQ - Forum

Jul 23, 2019
FAQ - Forum
  • Q. How do I delete my threads / posts?
    You can not. This is a way of us always keep your logs and also a form of protection. The most you can do is edit your message or your topic. But we can make exceptions, if you posted something wrong, in error or something stupid, send a message to an Forum Administrator with the link from your topic/message and explain why you want to delete it.

    Q. How do I add my Steam profile to my forum profile?
    There are two ways to add your Steam account to your forum account. The first is logging in by clicking "Sign in through Steam" from the main page. Another way is to hover your mouse over your display name in the upper right-hand corner and click "External Accounts". Under "Steam Integration" section, click the "Associate with Steam" button and enter your information on the next page. This will ultimately add your Steam account to your forum account. It will be visible on your Profile Page and when making a thread/post.

    Q: How do I create a topic?
    On the top of the respective section, click the "Post a New Thread" button in the upper-right section. If you don't see the button, your user permission does not allow you to post in that section.

    Q: How can I edit my signature?
    You can edit your signature here.

    Q. How do I become an administrator on SA-MP?
    Possible admin candidate will be informed, and will be chosen every summer or whenever we feel that you are ready. This does not mean you play on the server for a year and automatically assume you are fit for the role. Or, click this link and watch the video on how to become admin.

    Q. Why can't I view the forum as a guest?
    A. Sorry, due to a number of changes and forum improvements; we encourage everyone who visit our forum register first before viewing. The only forum sections that are visible to guests is the News and Server Updates section. Please refer to this thread for more information.

    Q. Can I register more than one account on forum?
    No, we only permit one account per person. Anyone having multiple accounts will be required to contact a forum administrator so we can consolidate your accounts into one. Please refer to this thread for more information regarding your account.

    Q. How do I change my nickname on forum?
    Please refer to this thread in order to change your nick. Please be aware that if you have changed your display name recently, you will need to wait 14 days until the next nick change to prevent spam.

    Q. How to report someone here?
    A. You can report players by creating a thread in the Neighborhood Watch section.

    Missing something?
    Let us know.
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