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Jul 23, 2019
  • Question: What bugs are allowed?
    Answer: Bugs that are allowed include and are not limited to:

    • Quick reload (including 2shot)
    • C-bug
    • Ninja-jacking
    • Map hole abuse
    • Knife de-sync abuse
    • Using particular skins to give you an advantage
    • Quick NOS recharge

    Bugs that are NOT allowed on PartyServer include and are not limited to:

    • Slide bug
    • Any type of no reload bug
    • Any bug that completely prevents you from taking damage (except when you are entering a vehicle)
    • F8 / pause toggling abuse (Not a bug but worth noting)
    • Abuse of any server bugs to give yourself an advantage

    Question: Why are the Hydras, Seasparrow, and the Hunter locked?
    Answer: Admins like to keep them locked when the player count is low to keep the server balanced. The unwritten convention is that hydras are opened when the player count is at least 100.

    Question: Where are the tanks?
    Answer: Two tanks can be found at Area 69 (the secret military base south of the Abandoned Airfield). The third one is somewhere in LV.

    Question: This person is using an aimbot and the staff are doing nothing about it! Why?!
    Answer: It is very hard to determine if someone has an aimbot mod, even with the inclusion of a video. This is due to the lag compensation introduced in SA-MP 0.3z update. If you are adamant about the person suspected of aimbotting, please post a detailed report with a video of the player using the aimbot on Neighbourhood Watch and it will be dealt with accordingly.

    Question: How can I purchase a property or a vehicle?
    Answer: You cannot do this in PartyServer because that is along the lines of RP, which does not fit the theme of this server. You can buy cars at the car shops near Nang team spawn and northeast of Fireman team's spawn, but in all honesty they are not worth the money - you cannot call the car back to you or anything else.

    Question: I have been banned, what do I do?
    Answer: Post a ban appeal from this page: https://partyserver.net/?page=post_appeal. A few tips: be honest, polite, write with a reasonable IQ and for the love of all things holy do NOT try to evade your ban. Please wait at least 24 hours until an available admin handles your appeal. If you create more than one appeal after being denied in the past, you should wait a while before creating a new one.

    Question: How can I enter the server if I lost my password and cannot log in?
    Answer: Go here: https://partyserver.net/?page=password_reset
    But I didn't enter an email / I do not have access to the email!
    -Enter the server as an unregistered player and send a private message to a staff member.

    Question: How do I know who is part of the staff team?
    Answer: https://partyserver.net/?page=staff
    But this person is an admin and I don't see him on the list!
    -He's using an alias.
    But that's confusing!
    Too bad.

    Question: An admin is abusing me in-game, how can I report them on forum?
    Answer: Please use the Admin Abuse Thread and post ONLY one thread and wait for a higher level admin to reply.

    Question: How can I earn in-game money on PartyServer?
    Answer: You can earn money by killing people, participating in events, going to casinos, winning turf wars or having a friend give you money by the /givecash command. Money bags also periodically spawn near the fireman team spawn drop.

    Question: Is it okay to cheat on PartyServer?
    Answer: No, cheating is not tolerated on PartyServer. Although some modifications are allowed as long as it doesn't give you an advantage over other players.

    Question: Is [insert GTA:SA mod here] allowed on Partyserver?
    Answer: Any mod that gives you an advantage over other player is not allowed. While some harmless mods require the installation of CLEO, installing CLEO at all is frowned upon and will give you a hard time if you ever have to appeal a ban for suspicions of cheating.

    A few examples of modifications that ARE allowed:
    • Any type of modification that alters the in-game sounds, such as weapon firing sounds, car engines sounds, etc.
    • Any .txd edits that do not make any game element any easier to see. Usually used for cars, the map, weapons and HUD display.
    • Modifications that disable dust, smoke or shrink the size of .txd files. A good example of this is lowrespack, which is used to help boost FPS.

    Examples of modifications that are questionable and NOT allowed:
    • The birthday cake grenade mod: This is a mod that makes grenades look like large birthday cakes. This would not be allowed because it makes grenades much easier to see and gives you an advantage.

    Examples of modifications that are blatantly prohibited:
    • Any modification that affects the speed or handling of a vehicle
    • Any modification that decreases or prevents any type of damage done to you
    • Any modification that increases your weapon's damage or accuracy
    • Any type of parkour modification or modification that allows you to move faster
    • Modifications that aid in seeing players from a long distance (e.g. lock-on markers that idiots use to help them do kamekazies)
    • Any modification that gives you an advantage that a stock copy of the game would not have.

    Question: A player is using a bug that is not allowed, what should I do?
    Answer: Please /report them while in-game, this is the fastest way for admins to respond to your report. Otherwise, please provide evidence in a video and/or screenshot of the bug and it will be dealt with accordingly in the Neighborhood Watch section of forum.

    Question: How do I make a clan in PartyServer?
    Answer: First spawn and be sure to have a clan tag on your name and press the 'N' key on your keyboard and select the 'Clan Management' tab then you will be prompted to select a name and description.

    Question: I was wrongly banned by [admin], because of [reason], how can I get unbanned?
    Answer: If you were banned by the anti-cheat, only RedShirt can handle your ban appeal. If you were banned by another administrator, then that administrator will have to deal with your ban appeal. You should make a ban appeal.

    Question: I cannot connect to PartyServer, and it showed the Reconnecting messages! Sometimes it even says 'you are banned from this server'!
    Answer: "You are banned from this server" chat messages usually DO NOT MEAN you are banned - it is the result of a SA-MP bug. It is possible for the following reasons:
    • The server isn't responding (which is common). In this case, just reconnect at a later time.
    • Your Internet connection failed or is lagging horribly.
    • The server is currently experiencing issues, try to join later.
    The only time you should make a ban appeal in this situation is if you see a black box in the middle of your screen that mentions a ban. This is an official PartyServer ban that you should make a ban appeal for.

    Question: My clan is not showing on the Clan Statistics page, why is that?
    Answer: You will need to have one leader and one recruiter/member in order to be shown on the Clan Statistics page.

    If you have any questions, post here.
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