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Forum Rules - English

Jul 23, 2019
Forum Rules - English
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    These rules have been revised to reflect the latest changes or updated rules regarding the server. Last updated: October 2017

    Spamming, Flaming, Insults, Offensive Photos or Imagery


    Spamming the server with advertisements from other servers or other games is not tolerated. Users who condone this behavior will receive a first warning from admins to cease all activity. Failure to do so will result in a mute, kick, or in severe circumstances, a temporarily ban.

    Multiple Responses

    Please consolidate your post into one post, if possible. Do not post multiple responses to up your post count. Moderators and/or forum admins reserve the rights to merge your posts if it’s posted within 48 hours of the original post. This is to encourage saving space and resources.

    Flaming and Insults

    Flaming will not be tolerated either, whether it’s in English or other languages. Players are encourage to refrain from such activity and use constructive criticism when posting any response in any thread on our forum.

    Offensive Imagery

    Any image that is intended to be offensive; whether it is religious, political, or attacking one’s culture, ethnicity, or race, will be removed without warning. The user will also receive a one-month warning for first offense. Any consecutive offense will add one month respectively. Failure to comply with our forum rules will result in a Community Troll status for up to one year. With a Community Troll status, you are not allowed to rate anyone’s post or thread accordingly. You are restricted from editing your post in any circumstances until a moderator or forum admin deemed you fit to follow our forum rules.

    Respect all admins and forum users at ALL time.


    Partyserver Staff
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