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Rules - English

Jul 23, 2019
Rules - English
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    As of Partyserver SFTDM version 7, the following rules have been revised for the server:


    • This only applies to areas that are in the red zone marked by borders around each spawn. If you run out of your OWN spawn and run back in, it does not count as spawnkilling, carparking, etc.
    • Helicopters, tanks, and rustlers are forbidden in each spawn. This includes – but not limited to – helikilling, tank bombing, and the likes. It is also technically impossible to drive in your own team’s spawn even if you have a tank in your possession.
    • Be alert of each player’s infinite spawn label as they respawn or join the server. This means as long as they stay idle in their spawn, but hasn’t shoot, you are not allowed to attack them within the red zone.
    • You will NOT be able to use certain weapons around spawn, such as rocket launchers, molotovs, grenades, or satchel bombs.
    Teamkilling, teamjacking, and fake car-entry bugs
    • Teamkilling is not allowed on the server. This includes teaming up with an enemy team for which they are riding shotgun. (e.g. SWAT driving in front of another SWAT while a valet is shooting at another SWAT behind them)
    • We do condone team members to group up and attack other teams as long it is not near any spawns. Anyone doing so will be warned and then punished/kicked/banned. No exceptions.
    • A message will be displayed when a team member shoots another player’s vehicle on the same team on the main chat in green text.
    • Fake car-entry bug are prohibited. Please do not enter/exit a car while under attack. It is advisable the reporter record a video of the offense and submit it on Partyserver forum.
    Car mods, skin mods, and CLEO.asi
    • Certain CLEO mods are allowed on Partyserver, as long as it doesn’t give an advantage to one player over another. This would include aesthetic mods for cars, bikes, boats, planes, player’s skin (with exceptions, of course), and the likes.
    • CLEO mods are also allowed for HUD (e.g. square radar map found on GTA V, or using radar maps of previous versions of GTA).
    Pausing and Death Evasions
    • Evading death has been revised since version 7. Pausing to avoid death will cause the player to develop a ghost version of themselves for 10 seconds. Within that 10 seconds, you are free to shoot their ghost.
    • If you fail to shoot their ghost while they are still pausing, it is NOT considered a death evasion.
    Aimbots and Desynces

    If you suspect someone of using aimbot, please RECORD a video as evidence. Because of the nature of lagshots work, aimbots are hard to determine without proper shot data analysis. Be mindful that some reports will be dismissed due to the nature of syncing issues (either client side or server side).

    Tag Laming
    • This means using another registered clan’s tag without permission from the founder of the clan (especially newly registered accounts). You are advised to contact the founder BEFORE creating or switching tags or let an administrator ahead of time.
    • The offenses for tag laming is as followed:
      • First offense – A warning by a Partyserver admin. Please click this link for a list of current staff of Partyserver.
      • Second offense – A private message from a Partyserver admin, letting the player know that he/she is tag laming.
      • Third offense – A kick and/or ban. If it is a ban, it will either be temporarily or permanent, based on the player’s past history.
    • Excessive text spamming – either in private messages, main chat, or any one player – is strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to kick and/or ban the offending player for chat spams repeatedly. This includes Partyserver admins, as well as admins that are monitoring IRC.
    • The offense for chat spamming is as follows:
      • First offense – A temporary mute. Mute can range from 1 minute, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes. It all depends on the player’s past behaviors.
      • Second offense – A temporary 10-minute mute that expires by movement. Partyserver admins have the ability to mute based on time. So if you have been muted by an admin and haven’t moved in the server, the timer will stay at 10 minutes.
      • Third offense – A kick and/or ban.
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